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Cancer is heterogeneous diseases and each cancer is unique and varies at the molecular level. Personalized treatments are highly recommended to treat cancer patients effectively by looking at their genetic makeup to avoid the reoccurrence of cancer. IGnomix depth of experience in cancer genomics research and data analysis strive to do more for cancer patients and offer better cancer care.

  • To avoid side effects
  • To identify treatments to which patients are more likely to respond
  • To avoid treatments from which patients unlikely to benefit

IGnomix genome test can reveal changes at DNA level that identify personalized treatment options based on patient genomic profile that are likely to be more effective and cause fewer side effects. IGnomix genome test offers precision medicine to avoid misdiagnosis of cancer patients by using advanced NGS tools and engagement with active researchers and oncology experts to tailoring the therapies.

One size not fits for all.
Cancer are unique and not same, Why should we treat them same.

> 300

> 50
Rearrangements genes

> 99%

  1. This test detects all types of genomic alterations for solid tumors
  2. Measure microsatellite instability (MSI) and tumor mutational burden (TMB) to predict response to immunotherapy
  3. Offer median depth coverage of  >400x for detection of low frequency genetic changes